GSG-5/6 Update Files and Documentation

The latest versions of GSG Firmware, Version 7.1.5, including update instructions and release notes and GSG StudioView, Version, including release notes.
Download GSG Release NotesV715.pdf | 334 KB
MD5 Hash: 300cb241963eae8ba48c3159876ea940
Download Gsg StudioView_v5.1.8.2.exe | 33.1 MB
MD5 Hash: 36e7f2c102bc09935a5c5ca48fdbd4ce
Download GSGfwV715.tgz | 19.1 MB
MD5 Hash: 21fcf67aa5e43754fa0ec2607212428e
Download GSG StudioView Release Notes v5182.pdf | 296 KB
MD5 Hash: 4fd7bbf631a329d245f5db5c44e8e1c3
Download GSG_UpdateV715.pdf | 380 KB
MD5 Hash: cb5d743eeb32f387123f8f404920bbae
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