GSG-5/6 Update Files and Documentation

The latest versions of GSG Firmware, Version 7.2.6, including update instructions and release notes and GSG StudioView, Version, including release notes.
Download Orolia Gsg StudioView_v5.2.3.2.exe | 33.9 MB
MD5 Hash: b44cf0c84fb6824c221863daef24cf64
Download GSG_UpdateV726.pdf | 362 KB
MD5 Hash: 012eca07f189ad278f371879cdbe0c16
Download GSG StudioView Release Notes v5232.pdf | 295 KB
MD5 Hash: d4e9b4119e723091ec33ad44ee115d1a
Download GSGfwV726.tgz | 19.3 MB
MD5 Hash: 3d50b9f0dd6322ccb8f936dea6e889ff
Download GSG Release NotesV726.pdf | 335 KB
MD5 Hash: bf4926228c9617475ce93f9cbcf7b61c
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