SecureSync and NetClock 9400 Core Processing Module Upgrade

New shipments of the SecureSync Time & Frequency Synchronization Platform, including NetClock 9400 Series Time Servers, include an upgraded version of the core processing module. The new version will provide users with faster processing speeds and enhanced memory functionality. The new processor requires at least version 5.7.0 of the firmware.
Friday, September 15, 2017
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As part of Spectracom’s ongoing effort to manage component lifecycles and product performance we are informing everyone that we will be making a change to the core processing capabilities of our SecureSync Time & Frequency Synchronization Platform and NetClock Time Servers. This change will target our ETX core processing module by replacing the current module with an upgraded version. The new version will provide our users with faster processing speeds and enhanced memory functionality.

As we finalize our upgrade transition by integrating this new module into production, we will continue to have a limited supply of our existing modules. This allows us some limited capacity to support customers who are sensitive to component changes, and who require time to identify and accept these changes within their install base. It is important to note that the upgraded ETX module will not operate on any firmware prior to 5.7.0, so customers who are operating their deployments at earlier versions should start looking to test and upgrade their systems with the latest firmware. Spectracom strongly encourages our customers to begin their migration to our latest firmware to take advantage of new features, fixes, security patches, and to avoid unnecessary complications in the future. Our current ETX module will only be available by special request, and we anticipate availability through the end of October 2017, depending on demand. At that time, we will only be able to provide our enhanced ETX module along with firmware version 5.7.0 or greater.

Spectracom appreciates your attention to this matter and as leaders in Resilient PNT, we look forward to continually proving our customers with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology for their networks.