GPS leap second handling error

When GPS started broadcasting the leap second notification on July 19, 2016 for activation on Dec 31, some GPS timing receivers erroneously inserted the leap second resulting in a 1 second time error.
Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Prodcut Models & Categories: 
Epsilon Clock

We have identified a potential one-second error in the GPS-based time calculation in some of our products related to the pending Leap Second notification in the GPS message. This timing error is affecting many GPS Systems from different manufacturers.

The identified Spectracom products affected are those equipped with the Trimble Resolution SMT GG receiver or Accutime GG smart antenna:

  • SecureSync/NetClock 9400 (serial number range 05006-11719 Manufactured between Nov 2013 and March 2016 and running a version below 5.4.5)
  • TSync bus-level timing boards
  • Epsilon Clock model EC20S

This problem was introduced when the GPS signal started broadcasting the Leap Second notification on July 19 for activation Dec 31. The processing of this message produced a one second time jump in the Trimble receiver by immediately changing the leap second offset from 17 to 18 seconds.

We are working directly with the Trimble engineering team on a resolution. Please contact us if you have an urgent need to correct the problem. Otherwise, we will be posting a permanent fix to the problem shortly.

The permanent fix is released and available for TSync bus-level timing boards equipped with the Trimble Resolution SMT GG receiver.

The permanent fix for SecureSync/NetClock 9400 is to update to v5.4.5 or above.